We are Callum & Jennifer Thomas

A joyfully married couple who draw, write and create beautiful and inspiring things together.

Our goal with beginning¬†Journey’s End Studios was to create a centeral hub for all of our art and projects.

We hope to leave a charming experience to anyone who stumbles across our work.

Our Creative Projects

Magpie & Capricorn

Magpie & Capricorn is a work of fiction in writing and authored by the two of us. It will also be illustrated by us and we hope the fantastical adventure that unfolds within the story will reach people of all ages.


To learn more about the project please visit our project page here.


Our Artwork


We are currently planning to compile all of our artwork in one place. In the meantime, you can explore it on our Instagram, @JourneysEndStudios and across the website.


Thank you