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What We Did

Designed a logo and implemented custom art to fit the client’s request. We gave Jesse Ellis, Feast From Home, a few samples to choose from and based them upon his personality. 

As a first timer venturing into the world of my very own website, Callum and Jennifer delivered excellent quality customer service working side bye side with me to develop a custom webpage that was tailored to my needs and more importantly for the customers as well. An easy to use, and simple format was layed out and presented back to me within a couple short days and was up and running within the week. I highly recommend seeking out the help of this wonderful team to help you in any venture you may have of your own. From start to finish its was a great experience working with them. 

Jesse Ellis

Personal Chef

Personal Logos

for our projects

We designed the logo for Journeys End Studios to be simple, stylistic, and rememberable.

Designs for our personal book project, Magpie & Capricorn. We implemented these into our business cards with a gold foil print.

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